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48 HOURS IN CAIRO for iPad - fully interactive travel photo gallery and journal with added maps and local information. Only .99c - Download today for your iPad and iPad Mini!

Perfect for schools, colleges and universities and already used in a number of school districts, Around The World In 18 Days and it's chapter book series: 48 Hours In Cairo, 48 Hours In Hong Kong and 48 Hours In Istanbul, make excellent reading and visual reference guides for these interesting and educational destinations! Education discounts available on the App Store for iPad or iPad Mini! Please contact me for a free sample download for your school!

NEW: I've made the world even more accessible by creating five new Apps: 48 Hours in Cairo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Istanbul and Across Europe By Train! Cairo, Istanbul and Hong Kong are now available in the App Store for just 1.99 each! All of these look fantastic on the iPad Mini! You can still buy the whole trip for $3.99, but this new 48 Hours Series is completely new, all photos now optimized for full screen, new images, new local information and more, just 1.99!


"I feel like in the short time he was in each place, he was able to take a glimpse into the souls of the people and the cultures. Maybe it's from being so acutely aware of the shots he wanted to take, watching so closely. I'm not sure, but it works. The book/app works too. I especially like the clean maps and the references to how much he spent on transportation, where he went, and how he got there.

…his photos are amazing and that's why when I reached the back I was stoked to find that Andy had included Travel Photography Tips. I'm a pretty decent amateur photographer, but I always want to be better. Andy's tips gave me some tools to do that with. Simple things that I hadn't thought of. I would share them, but in fact, I think the Travel Photography Tips alone make Andy's book worth more than the price.

In short, I highly recommend Andy's iPad App/eBook to anyone. The price is right, the content is incredible, and whether you are traveling or just dreaming of travel Around the World in 18 Days will inspire you."

- Vagobond.com

"By combining an energetic and lively writing style with amazing photographs, Davies manages to draw the reader into each city's labyrinth to such a degree that you literally feel that you are there. With the tap of the finger, you move from city to city, image to image, and with the inline video clips from the sounds of fish markets to prayer calls to the bells of Big Ben.

Davies has added in maps, travel tips, and an comprehensive guide to taking better travel photographs, making this 100 page interactive travel book a must read for all dedicated armchair travelers."

- PerceptiveTravel.com

"This must-have travel book offers an inside track on things to do…"

"Not only does it provide tips for each destination, but it also offers advice on everything from how to best use a camera in creating lasting memories to doing research before setting off on any travel destination. Indeed, for all travel enthusiasts, AROUND THE WORLD IN 18 DAYS is a must read and a don't-leave-home-without-it treasure."

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For media preview copies, please contact:
Andy Davies Andy@AroundTheWorldBook.com

Originally from Rhyl, North Wales, UK, Andy Davies has worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 25 years in the United Kingdom, Kenya and the US. In 1992 he established a computer game company, and is credited on over a dozen CD-ROM titles. His "morph" video animation work has been featured in a PBS documentary and as a projected backdrop for international tours of the rock group The Dandy Warhols.

More recently, Andy has specialized in hotel and travel photography, as well as founding SpinFirst.com travel guide website, blog and iPhone application. Around the World in 18 Days is his first book.

Andy is available for speaking and lecture engagements on the subjects of any travel destinations covered and round the world travel in general. Please drop me a line to find out more.

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